History of Kwanzaa

Founder Dr. Maulana Karenga 

2006 Colorado Springs Community Seminar by Dr. Karenga

Cultural Grounding, Unbudging Blackness and Steadfastness in Struggle

September 08, 2016

This September 7th marks the 51st Anniversary of the organization Us, born in the struggle, nurtured in the storm and sustained through unyielding dedication, discipline, sacrifice and service. It this time of remembrance, resurrection and recommittment, I recovered an article I wrote a decade ago which speaks to our work, service, struggle and institution-building over this half- century...

Embracing Kwanzaa's Principles and Practice: Creating and Celebrating the Good

December 24, 2015

THIS YEAR’S ANNUAL THEME IS “Embracing the Principles and Practice of Kwanzaa: Creating and Celebrating the Good”. It is so named in order to reaffirm the centrality of the Nguzo Saba, The Seven Principles, on this the 50th anniversary of their introduction in the lives and liberation movement of our people in 1965... 

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